Angry Birds

Posted by Brian Sayle on 18 December 2018 | Comments

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Angry Birds 11

Angry Birds, 100 years to the day, that women were first able to vote in the 2018 general election, third year Edge Hill University musical theatre students performed this wonderful new British musical's national premiere in the Arts Centre Rose Theatre. Part of the University’s Wonder Women programme.
Written by award winning composer, lyricist and writer Dougal Irvine.
I was on hand to capture some live images of the live performance, the theatre was sold out so I had to stand at the back which is rather challenging, here is a small selection of the images i shot that night.

Angry Birds 06
Angry Birds 04
Angry Birds 03
Angry Birds 02
Angry Birds 10
Angry Birds 08
Angry Birds 13
Angry Birds 12
Angry Birds 15
Angry Birds 17
Angry Birds 07
Angry Birds 16

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