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Here is some examples of photography I have done at University workshops. This often involves documentery photography during live performances and candid photography while students are working on projects

Reckless Sleepers The Last Supper
"The Last Supper" performed by Reckless Sleepers, was an interesting performance I shot a Edge Hill Universities Hale Hall. The last meal requests of the famous and the not so famous. From Marilyn Monroe to Beethoven to prisoners on death row, this intimate and unusual performance serves a startling set of last statements, last meals and last minute scenarios to a limited audience of 39 people.

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Double Bass legend Danny Thompson (John Martyn/Pentangle/Nick Drake/Bert Jansch/Kate Bush….etc) ahead of a performance with Steve Pilgrim (Paul Weller/Cast/The Stands) A couple from a series I shot to help promote the event

Brian Sayle Photography Danny Thompson Steve Pilgrim 13
Brian Sayle Photography Danny Thompson Steve Pilgrim 07
Brian Sayle Photography Danny Thompson Steve Pilgrim 02
Edge Hill University music students working on a day long workshop to write a new song in the studio to open the 'The Revolution Will Be Live- The Music of Gil Scott-Heron' event, in association with The Gil Scott-Heron band

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