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Carnedd Gwenllian Brian Sayle 04

A swift return was on the cards to Aber Falls with my sights firmly set on Carnedd Gwenllian on the Carneddau.

This time as I approached Aber Falls from the car park I decided to not take photos of the waterfall saving myself some time, and rather then go west towards Drosgl I went east up towards Llwytmor over the scree slopes. I made the mistake of getting to close to the falls, where the ground is a lot steeper, have to say it was a bit of a nightmare and I should of known better, if you do this keep well left and it will be much easier I reckon.

My first stop was Llwytmor Bach 690m, I decided within reason today I was only going to stop and take photos on the summits and satellite peaks, my planned route had five of them named.

Llwytmor Brian Sayle Photography 02
This part of the mountain range seems to be very unfrequented, not much signs of the passage of feet that you see in other parts of Snowdonia. View north, Puffin Island can just be made out on the left

Llwytmor Brian Sayle Photography 03
First summit of the day, Llwytmor 849m (2,785 ft), full name Llwytmor Uchaf means "upper grey sea". Great views from here of the Menai Strait, the Bera's and the Northern Carneddau.  Foel-fras can be seen in the distance.

Llwytmor Brian Sayle Photography 04
The walk from Llwytmor to Foel-fras had quite a few easy avoidable bogs in parts, with a few that seemed pretty deep. A few weeks ago when I went to Yr Elen I spotted in the distance a few ponies but on that day didn't have time to take much notice of them, but these two walking past were a nice suprise

Carneddau Brian Sayle Photography 15
Carneddau Ponies

Carneddau Brian Sayle Photography 16
Onwards to Foel-fras,  the eleventh highest peak in Wales

Foel Fras Brian Sayle Carneddau 04
The summit plateau has a few standing stones

Foel Fras Brian Sayle Carneddau 03
Nice long dry stone wall, usefull perhaps for some navigation on a misty day, the stile heads off in the direction of Dulyn Reservoir

Foel Fras Brian Sayle Carneddau 02
Foel-fras is the most northerly of the Welsh 3000s, 942m (3,091 ft). Grid reference SH696681, this is the only Trig Point I have seen on the Carneddau and the only one on the higher sections of this range

Foel Fras Brian Sayle Carneddau 01
Onwards to Carnedd Gwenllian (named Garnedd Uchaf on older maps printed before 2009), Yr Elen across the valley and the Glyderau in the distance. I was quite happy about getting to this peak, for a while I have wanted to do all the Welsh 3000s and reaching this peak leaves me with only one left too do, Crib Goch, maybe saving the best to last.

Carnedd Gwenllian Brian Sayle 02
View towards Foel Grach and Carnedd Llewelyn, the highest Carneddau peak in the distance

Carnedd Gwenllian Brian Sayle 01

Carnedd Gwenllian lies between Foel Fras and Foel Grach, with an elevation of 926m (3,038ft). Its summit rises only slightly above the ridge but is classed as a Hewitt, with a Prominence of 32m (105ft) it makes it into the Hewitt list by 7ft! This is the view towards Bera Bach and Bera Mawr, my circular route back to the car

Carnedd Gwenllian Brian Sayle 03
Leaving Carnedd Gwenllian I headed for Bera Mawr to take the same route back I worked out a few days earlier and came across another herd of Carneddau Ponies

Carneddau Brian Sayle Photography 27
Researchers at Aberystwyth University have established these Carneddau Ponies are genetically unique

Carneddau Brian Sayle Photography 28
Last shot before the camera went away for the day, Yr Aryg 865m (2838ft)

Yr Aryg Brian Sayle Carneddau 01
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Great trip, next on this range I wanted to see Drum and some of the Bronze Age monuments

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