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The Llanberis Path, a lot of people say this is the least interesting of all the routes up Snowdon, but with it being the only walking route I still hadn't ticked off I decided to give it a go.
Starting from the car park by the station, the first part is a steep concrete road, bit boring to be honest until you reach this standing stone and hang a left onto the actual path, its near here you get your first view of the summit and it looks a long walk ahead.

Llanberis Path Snowdon BrianSayle 01
This route has a distance of 9 miles (14.5Km) with an ascent of 3199ft (975m). This is longest of the six routes to the summit of Snowdon but also considered the easiest route because of the gradual elevation. Snowdon straight ahead with the ridge from the Snowdon Ranger route on the right

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The gradient is steady and is very easy to navigate, perfect for a novice walker but worthy for everyone else.

Llanberis Path Snowdon BrianSayle 03
Ancient sheepfolds

Llanberis Path Snowdon BrianSayle 04
The path mainly follows the Snowdon Mountain Railway track and passes under it here

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Moel Cynghorion (the Hill of the Councillors) is on the right, 674m (2,211ft), this peak is part of the Moel Eilio Horseshoe, a few peaks in Snowdonia that might make an interesting and not so common route to the summit of Snowdon

Llanberis Path Snowdon BrianSayle 15
Back on track for the summit

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Moel Eilio on the right, Ive not been up there but can imagine it has great views of Llyn Cwellyn and Mynydd Mawr

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Looking north towards the Glyderau across the Pass Of Llanberis. Clogwyn Du'r Arddu ridge runs between the Llanberis Path and the Llanberis Pass, you can choose to walk along the top of that if you wish, I haven't done it but I can imagine that has wonderful views towards Llanberis and Dinorwic Quarry

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Just past Clogwyn station, there is a tunnel below me and a lot of mist ahead. The train heads to the right and the path upwards.

Llanberis Path Snowdon BrianSayle 09
Mynydd Mawr on the left in the distance

Llanberis Path Snowdon BrianSayle 10
Looking back towards Clogwyn station, the summit of Elidir Fawr stands out on the Glyderau

Llanberis Path Snowdon BrianSayle 11
This was my last shot before putting the camera away and heading into the mist for the summit. Ive photographed the summit area many times so didn't feel like I was missing any photography with the lack of visibility. One thing about this route it seems very popular so if you are worried about not being able to read a map, on a route like this there will always be a steady flow of people to follow or ask as long as you don't do what I do and head into the mountains towards the end of the day and have them to yourself.

Not long after starting to head back down the rain came in and I got rather wet, I stopped in the tunnel at Clogwyn for 10 minutes to shelter but the problem is that is you can really start to feel the cold standing around for too long, especially when you are already soaked, the view was amazing, one of the best I have ever seen in the mountains as i came back out from the mist and the sun was going down, lots of red mist but it was impossible to photography without soaking my camera equipment. This was taken just by the Halfway House, a cup of tea would of gone down well right now!

Llanberis Path Snowdon BrianSayle 13
The Snowdon railway opened in 1896, prior to that visitors employed guides to lead them to the summit along this path on mule-back.

Llanberis Path Snowdon BrianSayle 14
I really enjoyed this trip, despite getting soaked and being cold, maybe not the best route on Snowdon but well worth seeing on a clear day perhaps. There is a set of images from this route on Facebook

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