South Ridge, Snowdon

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Snowdon South Ridge 01

The south ridge on Snowdon. Interesting route this, not one of the regular walking routes up Snowdon, its an alternative version of the Rhyd Ddu, starting in the same place but taking a detour up via an old quarry. Rhyd Ddu was the first route I took up Snowdon and I was looking forward to seeing the final stretch along Bwlch Main to the summit again. First stop Bwlch Cwmllan Slate Quarry

Snowdon South Ridge 03
Retaining wall has seen better days in some places, the path is quite obvious, if you do this route on a misty day stay on the path as there are quite a few deep pits but they still should be easily avoidable.

Snowdon South Ridge 02
Yr Aran, want to do this peak soon, got a feeling it might have some great views

Snowdon South Ridge 04
Incline head, I guess when the quarry was in operation this would of housed some drum rollers for the slate wagons.

Snowdon South Ridge 05
Col between Yr Aran and the South Ridge, the Watkin Path is on the right and Y Lliwedd.

Snowdon South Ridge 08
Looking south towards the 747 m (2,451 ft) summit of Yr Aran

Snowdon South Ridge 07
View of Y Lliwedd 898 m (2,946 ft) another peak I need to tick off.

Snowdon South Ridge 09
The South Ridge heading for the summit of Snowdon

Snowdon South Ridge 10

Snowdon South Ridge 12
For the most part the south ridge is a nice steady gradient, nice and quiet and has some great views.

Snowdon South Ridge 13
But then there is a short scramble, bit like the Watkin Path but this one has all this convenient shaped bare rock which is easy to pass over but not as straight forward as the Rhyd Ddu path which requires no use of hands

Snowdon South Ridge 14
Eventually the route joins up with Rhyd Ddu on Bwlch Main, the final stretch towards the summit of Snowdon, the route I had taken was very quiet, maybe not as much as the Snowdon Ranger path but still quiet apart from the odd walker I seen and a few birds

Snowdon South Ridge 15
Heading for the summit on Bwlch Main, love this ridge, the view of the summit might not be as good as the Snowdon Horseshoe view but its still has its own appeal. This shot shows the profile of the Snowdon Ranger path which heads up to the summit along that ridge left to right in the picture

Snowdon South Ridge 16
Love this view, Nantle Ridge on the left and on the right beyond Llyn Cwellyn is Mynydd Mawr, a wonderful Snowdonia peak I summited a few days after this one, I will post about that very soon

Snowdon South Ridge 17
From here I went to the summit but it was very cloudy and no real visability, I hung around waiting for a brake but nothing happened so i left, It was now around 9pm and I still had to get back to the car.  Heading down I caught a nice sunset.

Snowdon South Ridge 18
Some wonderful light, the Rhyd Ddu path I decided would be an easier route back to the car park, so it made for a nice round trip

Snowdon South Ridge 19
Last shot looking back at the summit with some nice low cloud by Lliwedd Ridge

Snowdon South Ridge 20
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